Press Release: Sibling Technologies Launches Agile Coaching at Adobe Summit

LAS VEGAS — March 26, 2019 — Sibling Technologies, a niche technical agency that helps Adobe define best practices in Adobe Experience Manager, is launching a formal Agile Coaching practice.

"Clients who don’t have a complete understanding of Agile methodologies run into predictable showstoppers," said Nathan Kling, Sibling Technologies' Director of Client Services. "If your teams are missing deadlines, or don’t understand where the finish line is, that can be addressed with Agile coaching."

Sibling Technologies leads enterprise Adobe Experience Manager projects for clients like NCR and Adobe, as well as implementation partners like Deloitte, AKQA, and Aquent Studios. Sibling Technologies is made up entirely of seasoned technical consultants that work directly with client leadership.

"Agile coaches mentor team leaders as they implement best practices," said Jim Rising, Sibling Technologies’ Agile Practice Director. “We cultivate collaboration. Our Agile coaches help clients navigate challenges and solve real world problems, and prepare them to respond to changing market conditions with confidence.”

Sibling Technologies, an official sponsor of Adobe Summit (March 26-28 in Las Vegas), is giving away $100,000 in Adobe Experience Manager development and Agile coaching each day at Summit.

About Sibling Technologies
Sibling Technologies, Inc. is a privately held, minority owned Georgia corporation. Sibling Technologies helps Adobe define best practices and implement Adobe Experience Manager for integration with Adobe Experience Cloud products and services. Sibling Technologies leads federal and commercial Adobe Experience Manager projects, maximizing organizations' investment in Adobe Experience Manager and optimizing the platform to meet their needs, and provides complete assessments and agile coaching to facilitate a smooth transition once the project is complete.

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Jeremy Conescu
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