Employee Right to Represent (RTR)

I give Sibling Technologies, Inc. the exclusive right to represent me for contract and full-time employment opportunities with Adobe, Deloitte, and AKQA, for a period of 30 days following the effective date of this contract, unless a prior relationship with one or more of these clients has been established in writing prior to the effective date of this contract. This exclusive authorization will be effective for 30 days. Any other company which submits my name or resume for assignments to the same clients during this period has done so without my authorization and consent. By completing and submitting this form, I confirm that Sibling Technologies, Inc. has the exclusive right to seek full-time and contract staffing assignments for me within the term of this Authorization.

I may cancel this authorization without notice, at any time, by resubmitting this completed form, and selecting "Do Not Represent." Canceling the Right to Represent does not retroactively remove the Right to Represent from projects and clients to whom Sibling Technologies has already submitted me for consideration, but it does cancel the agreement from the day of cancellation forward.

This document is written in plain English, without jargon or loopholes, and is intended to be interpreted in the simplest way possible.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge and agree to the contents of this agreement.
Do Not Represent


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